Flat or digital printing, which it is often referred to as, is ink that is transferred onto the paper via a digital printing press. It is a completely flat ink and can be reproduced in an unlimited amount of colors. Due to this, digital printing is ideal for printing floral, watercolor, or other colorful patterns, guest addresses and escort cards. It is also the most affordable printing method which is great for those with smaller invitation budgets.

Digital printing can also be combined with our other printing methods like letterpress and foil printing. This allows for printing a colorful floral design or pattern on your invitation while still having your names or wedding details letterpressed or foiled. The most popular option is to have your invitation card details digitally printed and then just your names and monogram foiled or letterpressed. The response set and information cards would be then digitally printed as well.  



Letterpress printing is a type of printing that dates back to the 15th century which uses a raised printing surface (printing plate or die) and pressure from an antique press. The printing plate is inked and repeated pressure from the press creates an impression of the design in the paper. Each color of the design requires a separate printing plate as well as a separate run through the press.



Similar to letterpress printing, foil printing also uses printing plates and pressure to adhere the foil to the paper. Foil printing however uses metal plates that are heated and then stamped with enough pressure to adhere a thin layer of foil to the paper. Foil printing can be used to create a bright shiny surface or even an opaque white which is great for darker papers. 

foil swatches


All of our designs can be customized with the vast selection of colors below. Please keep in mind that letterpress and digital printing will have slight variations in color due to the nature of the different types of processes used. Letterpress printed products will also have inherent differences in inking and may have slight variations in color. The colors shown on digital proofs are approximations and each computer monitor may have color variations. If you are concerned about color, please contact us for swatches.



Our digital and letterpress designs use #118 Savoy Cotton stock in either brilliant white or natural white. This cotton stock is "tree free" and is great for absorbing a luxurious impression. 

Our foil designs can also be printed on the Savoy cotton stock or on a smoother stock - 130# Classic Crest which is available in Solar White or Natural White. 

Looking for a colored paper for your invitation or enclosure card design? Any of our envelope colors listed below can also be used for your invitation cards, envelope liners or belly bands.



All of our invitation or response card orders come with coordinating brilliant white or natural white euro flap envelopes. You can however upgrade to one of the colored envelopes listed below for NO additional charge. Make sure to include your envelope color choice when filling out your order wording/color form. 

Please keep in mind that we have sourced envelopes from a variety of suppliers and thus the euro flap shape will vary dependent upon the color chosen. 


Our patterns are available in envelope liners or belly bands. Our patterns can also be incorporated into the invitation or day of wedding paper goods for an additional charge. 



Our glitter colors are available in envelope liners, belly bands, invitation or name tag backers or place/escort cards.


We offer wax seals in a variety of colors and a few different adhesive options. Our seals are available in no adhesive, resealable adhesive or a permanent adhesive. We also sell the wax and the customizable wax seal stamp which has a beautifully made brass stamp and wooden handle. Please contact us for which seal option is best for your needs.