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Founder, Karie Hillman Doonan grew up with a major addiction to stationery, and most especially Sanrio®. She often spent most of her allowance as a child on papers or pencils adorned with bears or Hello Kitty. As a teenager, she grew fond of all sorts of crafting and often sold her wares in local art fairs. She later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University and went on to pursue a career in graphic design.

After working for a few years as a designer, she found that doing corporate design really did not allow her to express all the levels of creativity she was interested in. She started working on the weekends at a local rubberstamping store in hopes of satisfying some of her other creative interests. From there, she started handcrafting cards for family and friends using stamps and handmade papers, which she really enjoyed. She knew there must be a way to incorporate her graphic design talents, her enjoyment of making cards and share those talents with more than her family and friends. From that desire, Flair Necessities was born.

Since then, Karie has embraced anything and everything weddings. She loves hearing about every couple's unique story and their wedding vision and then bringing that to life to set the tone for their special day. She has been honored to create invitations for weddings and other special events throughout the globe.

Karie currently resides in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan with her husband, Mike, young son Braden and her two feline babies, Zoe and Inka. During the week, she can be found sipping a chai tea latté while creating beautiful wedding stationery in her home studio or the weekend spending time with her family and enjoying a great wine.